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Yamaha 1200 XLT Starter Motor and Water Ingress Problems

A regular customer of Boat Help Sydney contact us just after new years with problems with his jetski (a Yamaha 1200 XLT 2 Stroke 3 Cylinder Jetski)

We already service his boat, so when he contacted us we were more than happy to take on his jetski problems. 

Problem #1 – The jetski shut off after hitting a wave, and refused to start in any way. Diagnosis and solution (replace starter solenoid) is in video 1

Problem #2 – The owner decided he would flush the motor without the engine running!! and filled up the engine with water. After hours of cranking and spraying water dispersant and cleaning spark plugs. I was able to get it running. The owner has been using the ski and starting/running it ever day since the water ingress occured.

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