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The dangers of a poorly maintained outboard electrical system – End result engine electrical fire

A few days before XMAS 2021, Boat Help Sydney had a customer contact us about their outboard catching on fire. We were not quite sure what to expect, but this short video shows the end result.

Fortunately, We were able to get John’s outboard up and running in a few days.

What appears to have happened is the two yellow wires from the stator to the voltage regulator/rectifier were cable tied together, and also were crimped behind the two-stroke oil reservoir.Upon further inspection, the yellow wires were melted together and shorting to the engine/negative behind the oil tank at the bullet connectors, well away from the voltage regulator/rectifier that caused all the damage. The voltage regulator/rectifier has gone nuclear/catastrophically exploded and burned the rest of the engine wiring loom because of this fault.

After a replacement of the wiring harness, regulator/rectifier, stator and associated wiring, John the customer was able to use his boat for the new years period after XMAS.
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